December has arrived, and with it a sharp drop in temperatures. I have finally succumbed, and set the heating to come on in the mornings and evenings to take off the chill. The cats, of course, are delighted and drape themselves over any available radiator and only the promise of food can persuade them to move. The cold does not stop them wanting to go out, and I have to sit with the door open while they have a play, which of course completely undoes all the good that heating the house has done.

The countdown to Christmas is on and I am yet to start to think about it. I bought a pack of cards a couple of weeks ago and that is as far as I have got.  I have no enthusiasm for the event and can’t even bear to think about shopping. I am looking forward to a week off work though, and intend to sit and make decisions about the direction my business needs to head in.

Shortly, Mum will ask what I want to eat on Christmas Day. Neither of us eat meat, so there will be the usual frantic search for something tasty and a little bit special. Why, I wonder, are most Christmas vegetarian recipes so unimaginatively dull? Why, in view of the fact that Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and mince pies are all so rich, do chefs think that we would want a pastry-wrapped main course? Can someone please come up with something which is guaranteed not to weigh us down to the point we can’t lift our feet off the floor. While my Brother is tucking onto something which used to have a parent, I would like something tasty and not too heavy so that I avoid that sluggish feeling in the afternoon. So, the search begins and goodness knows what we will end up with.