Today, Herman’s goose was cooked. Last night I divided him into four portions, three of which are given away and the fourth is kept, flavoured and cooked. So tonight, I added plenty of cinnamon, a touch of vanilla, a handful of candied orange and lemon peel and some raisins, added flour, eggs and sugar, divided the mixture between nine lined,  mini loaf tins and popped them into a low oven for 45 minutes.

I had wondered if the cakes would taste very yeasty, because the kitchen smelled like a small brewery, but you don’t taste the yeast at all. The cakes are light and full of flavour and were definately worth the wait.

I think that this is a great tradition. Passing on to friends a portion of batter, a part of which is passed on to their friends and then their friends, linking who knows how many people together in the process.