I have a small dog walking business and was recently looking through my diary. I thought that I would share with you the potential embarrassment that walking a dog can bring.

I have just begun a daily lunch-time walk with a kangaroo.

OK, I am lying. She is a Hungarian Viszla puppy masquerading as a kangaroo. She is so excited when you go in and let her out of her cage, that she hops about all over the place, making it difficult to put on her harness. She is currently on an extending lead, which is not ideal because she has a habit of dragging me through the undergrowth. Unfortunately, it is a necessity because she is going through a selective deafness phase, and apparently does not come back when called. I have scratches on my arms to prove the undergrowth has been thoroughly examined, and if there was a hill we did not climb, or a daffodil that has not been flattened then I would be surprised.

And then she spotted rabbits! The park has a lot of rabbits in the warmer months, and they have, for the most part, managed to stay off her radar. We were on top of a hill, today, when she spotted the little rotters, and I am glad that the park was empty, because an Ealing Comedy moment followed, with dog dragging dog walker down the hill after the rabbits, with dog walker yelling “no!”. A selective hearing moment, quite naturally, set in, and dog walker just about managed to stay on her feet. The things I do for money! 

She is a lovely girl, full of character, bright and affectionate and possibly the most nosey creature I have come across. She pokes about in every nook and cranny, does not miss a thing, and remembers each rabbit hole she has poked her nose into. Despite the scratches, having to frequently disentangle us from trees, and the odd (and very embarrassing) moment of comedy, I love every minute of it.