We have nearly packed away 2012 and in a few days will be ready to open 2013. I dislike this time of year as it promises so much, yet delivers so little. Most people make resolutions they fail to keep, the new year tends to limp on much the same as the old and I am bothered by another birthday.

What changes can we expect? A stable, growing economy and less rain perhaps. Somehow, I doubt it very much. The British economy will stay pretty much as it has for the last couple of years, which is absolutely no help to struggling, small business owners like me, although I suppose that we should count ourselves lucky though that we do not live in Greece. As for the rain, come spring if anyone dares talk of a hose pipe ban you will hear me scream.

Is there a parallel between wet summers and the flagging economy? Perhaps people are prepared to spend more when the sun is shining and their moods are equally sunny. We have had consecutive bad summers which have appeared at the same time as the economic slump. A co-incidence surely, or does the economy mirror the weather? Is there some sub-conscious need to keep hold of  money during the never ending rainy days?

In a few days, I will be a year older and I am at the point where I have to work out my age if anyone asks. I think that when you reach a certain age, you stop counting and everything becomes a bit of a blur. I have a friend who used to claim she was 40 years old before she actually hit that age. A novel approach, as most people claim to be younger than they are.

It is said that age is a state of mind, and apart from a few aches and pains I did not have years ago, I do not feel much different to when I left school. Certainly, I have changed somewhat (and I do not mean the addition of grey hairs), and think that I am becoming a clichéd grumpy old woman. I find the silliest things irksome, and have far less patience than I used to have. I thought that as you mature you are supposed to become more relaxed about things, mellow. Trust me to do things the wrong way around.