There is a new family member. Last Saturday, I went to a rescue centre in Wales and collected a dog.

Bracken is a year-old female Border Collie who has decided that she does not want to work with sheep. As a result, she was taken with her sister to the vet to be put to sleep. Thankfully the vet had more sense, and contacted the rescue centre where they were taken to be re-homed.

Although I had seen a photograph of her, I did not have much of an idea what to expect. The shelter staff disappeared and came back with a small, shy, pretty tri-coloured collie called Lady. At that point, I had not made up my mind about whether or not I was going to get a dog, but as soon as I looked at her, I knew, she was mine. We popped her in the car and drove the 2 1/2 hours home.

She was such a good girl in the car, only getting restless about 20 minutes from home, and sat watching the world go by, her ears flopping up and down when she saw something interesting. Boy, did she stink though and when we got home, after a short walk, I popped her in the bath. This is a little dog who has been through who knows what, and she let me pick her up and bath her such is her trusting nature. Over the last few days, she has been introduced to other family dogs, and the dogs who make sure everyone at work is pulling their weight, she has been happy to sit in the car while I duck into the supermarket, or go and visit a pet sitting client and she has had another bath today (still a little on the stinky side). She is a happy little thing who takes everything in her stride, is phased by nothing and just happy to spend time with me, or indeed anyone who is babysitting.

What I found “funny” was the emotional connection I felt when I saw her. Granted, I am an animal lover but I do not get attached to every one I meet. Yet, as soon as I saw this little girl, I felt my heartstrings yanked and I was not walking away without her. It felt so right, and so far so good.

I am waiting for the warm weather – assuming it arrives at some point – so that we can go out and about and enjoy the great outdoors.