I took Bracken to the park this morning.  The edges of the paths were awash with bluebells, cowslips, ferns and nettles, the boughs of the Hawthorne trees drooping under the weight of the May blossom.  It was beautiful. It has been such a long, long winter but what a joy to see the trees finally springing in to life.

We have had a few of days of sunshine, and temperatures are improving and none too soon for my liking. I have a week off soon, and I am hoping that the weather stays good for it.

It has been two months since I collected Bracken, and she has settled in remarkably well. The cats are still not terribly impressed but are tolerating her, and she is not chasing them so an uneasy peace reigns. She does try to get them to play with her, which she has failed miserably to do, and it is funny to watch her try to goad them into some kind of reaction.

When I go out, I stick Bracken in the car and she is as happy as a pig in clover, watching the world race past or curling up on the seat and going to sleep. She has been to the pet shop and the post office, loves to meet people as long as they don’t come too close too quickly. She is an absolute angel at the fairs I have gone to, settling down to sleep once she has checked to see if everyong is behaving themselves.

The one thing she does which I wish she would stop, is raid the cat litter trays and eat the contents.  Not her most endearing habit.