I have a week off from the day job so I am relaxing, chilling, doing nothing. I wish! No, what I am doing is trying to sort out the house, and thinking quite a bit about how I can give my soap business a boost and the two go hand in hand.

If you came to visit, you would see boxes in every room in the house. There is not a free corner, shelf or empty space anywhere and it is driving me to distraction. I think that the clutter is having a negative emotional effect by making it hard to think. The house is cluttered and my brain is cluttered as a result. I find it hard to think straight and to make a sensible decision. Having to step over and around boxes to walk from one side of the room to the other is annoying in the extreme, and it makes the detestable housework, not my forte,  harder and even more un-likeable.

So, a week or so ago, I made a decision (and why I have not thought of this before is beyond me). I decided that I would get rid of the bed in the spare room and install shelves instead. This should give me plenty of space to store everything, and allow room for my soap to cure. Shelves will be labelled and I may even be able to find things. You would not believe how much time I have wasted ferreting through boxes looking for things I know I have, but can’t find. Earlier today, I telephoned a local animal rescue shelter who also have a furniture shop to see if they would take it. I will have to make arrangements for the mattress to be removed separately, but with luck they will be gone soon and I can really set to work and oddly I can’t wait.

I am half way through my week off and, as usual, it is flying by. The weather is not playing ball, although the rain forecast for today has not yet appeared. My house is being re-rendered so I would be happy if the rain stayed away so the men could finish the job. Once the internal walls have dried out, I will be able to decorate. You never know at some point soon I may just manage to not only reclaim the house, but have it nicely decorated. Watch this space.