Today is not the 13th for no reason. I know that it is not a Friday, but it might very well have been.

It all started off well – unless you ignore the fact that it was drizzling, so the house rendering came to a halt. Still, that aside, I went out this morning to walk some dogs and feed a cat, did a little shopping and took Bracken to the park. Despite the weather, it was a lovely relaxing morning. The dog roses in the park are blooming, casting their beautiful fragrance like a cloak, their gorgeous white and pink flowers dancing above the foliage.

Early afternoon, I decided to go and post a letter, and it was this seemingly simple decision which proved to be my undoing. You know when you realise you have done something stupid at the exact moment you do that stupid thing but you just can’t stop yourself? Well, the second I closed the front door I realised that I was not holding my keys. not only that, but I did not have my mobile phone. Clever or what!

After walking to the post box, well that had been the intention, I knocked on my neighbours door for help. We tried to find my brothers’ work telephone number and I left a message explaining that I had locked myself out and that I would walk to my Mum’s and wait there. Mum is on holiday so was no help at all. Two hours later, my brother got home from work to find me bedraggled, cold and fed up, desperate for a coffee and the loo (but not in that order) with a confused Bracken who could not work out why we were not going in to the house, standing on the doorstep. Not my finest hour!

To add to my key related woes, a client popped her keys through the wrong door, so I had to wait until early evening until I was able to retrieve them and go and feed her cat. Ah well, in the words of Scarlett O’Hara, tomorrow is another day.