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I am not generally an “oh, woe is me” sort of person, but lately I have been woeing for Britain.

Over the last few years things have been pretty tough financially. Following my redundancy and a prolonged period of unemployment, I was offered a part-time job locally which I took, but which offered a low salary. That salary has not changed much in the intervening years and certainly not enough to keep up with general price rises, meaning that it has in real terms gone backwards. As a result, I have found it increasingly difficult to pay the bills, keep the car in good condition, maintain the house and put food on the table.

Today, my car was read the last rites and pronounced soon to be deceased. This is not good, not good at all. I rely on my car not just for the odd jaunt to the shops but because I work two jobs it is absolutely essential. The day job does not pay enough to cover the bills, so during the summer months my pet sitting business fills in the rather large gap. Without it, I would be sunk, or at the very least up to my armpits in very murky water.

I have spent the afternoon considering all the options, which are not many. What I really need is a windfall and/or a change of luck.

The windfall is most unlikely and it is said that you make your own luck, the question is how? Are some people just naturally lucky and some unlucky? Some resort to Feng Shui as a way of changing and then maintaining their luck so I am going to give it a go. It is a while since I have read much on the subject, but I do recall that some of it at least made a great deal of sense. Keeping the house clutter free and arranging furniture so that chi can flow naturally, makes a great deal of sense if you think about it.

I have written about how my house is cluttered and how I believe it affects my mental capacity. It is like being suffocated under the boxes of “stuff” which are lying around. This is something I have found a solution to. I am going to get rid of the spare bed and instead line the wall along which it currently sits with shelves. These shelves will take all the soapy bits that I have in the aforementioned boxes, plus will have space for soap to cure. This will serve three purposes.

1. I will be able to reclaim the rest of the house.

2. I will get organised and not spend hours looking for something that I cannot find.

3. It will make it easier to grow the business.

Arranging furniture so that chi can flow easily is something which will also enables free movement of a person around a room so is a sensible thing to do. To be able to walk from one side of the room to the other without impediment (except for tripping over something furry) will be lovely. This will be accomplished by the aforesaid plan to move everything upstairs and reclaim the house.

Then, of course, there is the decorating, but that is for another post.