Well, I am finally back in the land of working WordPress. It turns out that a simple change of modem was all that was required to fix the problem. Who knew?

It is often the simple things which cause the major headaches. I used to work for a software company and I remember the huffing and puffing that used to take place because some programme or other was not doing what it was supposed to, only for the programmer to find a comma or full stop in the wrong place. A tiny, errant little mark on the screen caused mayhem and a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

We have come to rely completely on technology to the extent that we feel bereft without it. Imagine, if you will, being without the internet even for a short while, cut off from the outside world, unable to communicate with any of your Facebook friends. How on earth would you cope? Will the world be the same when you re-connect with it? Well, yes of course it will, and so will you, but that brief time of feeling completely cut off can cause severe withdrawal symptoms forcing you to pick up the telephone and ask someone to check your email for you. Heaven forbid you have to wait for a single email whether or not it contains any useful content, is spam or even a bill.

Technology has made the world a smaller place. We are able to communicate almost instantly with people living on the other side of the planet, when just a few years ago we had to wait weeks for a missive. The writer in their turn had to find the time to put pen to paper, find a stamp or queue at the post office. The letter would then take weeks to hit the doorstep of the intended recipient.

The converse of this is that it makes it easier not to have to actually meet people face to face. We can cocoon ourselves in our little bubbles, in self imposed solitary confinement, and make contact only through a computer screen. We can buy our groceries, our books and our clothes without ever having to step foot outside our front doors, we can work from home and never see another living soul, and how depressing that would be.

There to make our lives easier, our reliance on technology has, perhaps, gone a little too far. Our children are spending their time in front of computer screens instead of climbing trees, cut off from family and “real life.” The next generation is becoming a nation of overweight couch potatoes who have forgotten how to enjoy the great outdoors. How sad never to walk on a beach, or up a mountain, or through a forest to come upon a beautiful waterfall. So, while we still have a little warm weather drag your children away from their computer screens or televisions and get them outside. I realise that this may be a bit of a shock to their systems, but I promise you they will survive.