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Yesterday was a funny kind of day, the sort when I was restless and fidgety.

Summer trundled on, thank goodness, but there was an Autumnal feel in the air. It was gloriously sunny, but there was a stiff breeze and I was not been able to settle. I knew when I got out of bed in the morning that I was going to have one of those days. Popped out to see to some cats, and take the dog to the park. She makes me laugh ploughing through the undergrowth after rabbits she can smell, but is unable to see. She goes completely deaf and no amount of shouting for her to come works. At least she is enjoying herself.

The trees are yet to turn, but the nights are drawing in and I have the light on by 8.00pm. I have heard geese on the wing, a sure sign that the temperatures are dropping. There is a field around the corner which edges a large man-made lake, and they gather there twice a year. In Spring, it signifies that warmer weather is around the corner, but at this time of year tells me that the end of Summer is close.

I am not yet ready for winter. We had such a long wait for summer and it seems to have been so fleeting, but at least it was a summer. Temperatures have been perfect, the sun has shone and we have not had too much rain; the back door has been almost permanently open for the last six weeks, the cats have spent the days sleeping outside, and I have enjoyed taking the dog for her walks.

I am finally getting ready to sort out the house. There is a long list of things I need to do but don’t have the money for.  I am getting rid of the spare bed to free up space for shelving for my soapy stuff. It is being collected on Wednesday by a local charity shop. Hopefully they will come in the morning, and I can start to take everything upstairs. Initially it will be a case of just dropping it in a heap, until I get chance to go through it. It will be a great opportunity for a stock take and to label boxes, so I don’t spend hours looking through them for things I know I have but can’t find. I dread to think how much time I have wasted doing that.

The change of the season from summer to autumn makes me restless. I know that it won’t be long before the woodburner is lit, and I am wrapped up in woolies scrabbling around in the back of the cupboard for comfort food. Mum has a glut of cooking apples and I have made two large jars of spiced apple chutney over the last couple of days. I had not intended to make two jars, but I opened the first one at lunch time so that I could have a large dollop with my goats cheese salad. I am going to go during the week to pick more apples so that I can make apple pies or crumbles to pop in the freezer for those dark days of winter when I need something a little sweet to cheer me up. I wonder what else you can do with apples?