The last couple of mornings have been frosty, which has reminded me that I need to work out where I put the ice-scraper for the car. Trust me to leave it to the last minute!

Each morning, I take the dog to the park for a run. This park is one of my favourite places, and you would never know that you are in the suburbs, so cocooned are you from the “outside world.” It is a place I used to play in as a child and I love the peace and tranquility.


There is a low winter sun this morning, and everying is touched with frost. Everywhere you look, Jack Frost’s icy fingers have touched the flowers and leaves and it is gorgeous. While the dog ran off doing whatever dogs do, I took some photos with my mobile.


Everything looks washed out, and then you spot a tiny splash of colour.


Then another.


Whever you look, whether colour or not,  it is beautiful.