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A few days from now the madness of Christmas will be over. On the one hand, it will be a relief and on the other, I am nowhere near ready.

It is not a time of year that I particularly like. I tend to come over all bah humbug and feel the need to retreat to bed, which of course I can’t do. Money, this year, is tighter than the grip of a vice, so there has been pretty much no Christmas shopping from me. The upside of that is that I don’t have to battle around the shops. The downside, I feel awful not being able to give presents to people. So, my thinking cap went on and I raided my store cupboard.

I decided that I would give some home-made goodies. There is a spiced apple chutney in the cupboard, I have the ingredients to make fudge, and I am going to have a try at making some nougat but have been struggling to get hold of ricepaper. Typically it used to be easy to get and I used it when I made macaroons, now because I need it in a hurry it is somewhat elusive and I don’t really have time to go running around looking for it. Sod’s law I suppose. Luckily, my brother managed to pick some up for me yesterday so it is all systems go.

The fudge was done yesterday, and put into bags tied with pretty Christmas ribbon. Today has been nougat day. This is a simple recipe of egg white, sugar and glucose but it nearly killed my mixer and if I am to make more, I may look for another recipe which takes less beating. I have added pistachio nuts (my favourites not just for taste but for their lovely green colour) and it tastes lovely. This will go into glassine bags and will be foisted on any poor unexpecting fool who crosses my path.

I have eggs left, and if I can find the macaroon recipe I used to make …… Off to find the book.