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Well, that is it, 2013 has hurtled to its conclusion and we are now in a brand new year. So, was your year a damp squib or was it a fiery comet blazing a trail through the night sky? I can’t say that I set the world alight this year, but there were changes.

In March, I brought home a rather silly Border Collie; a nervous little girl of around 12 months old who has accompanied me to fairs, chewed my Mum’s duvet and frankly made herself extremely comfortable. She has also made many friends who would probably lynch me if I dared attend a Craft Fair without her, and who feed her their lunch and generally spoil her rotten.

We had a horribly cold spring followed by a fabulous summer. The weather was glorious and warm and when I was made redundant in mid-July I made the most of it, sitting in the garden with the aforementioned dog and my cats, who love nothing more than lazing in the sunshine. They really do live the life of Riley!

With redundancy comes the chance of new beginnings. I have been working on a business plan for my soap business and I will grow it this year. I am gathering information on trade and consumer shows for the next 12 months, and am working on new products and reviewing the current range. My Pet sitting will also be given a bit of a push, and with luck I may not have to go back and work for someone else. It will take a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it to stay off the hamster wheel. I really find it hard to play well with others!

At this time of year, people tend to make resolutions which they break in a couple of weeks. I gave up doing that a few years ago, but a few things I do intend to at least try to achieve are:

  • To be more organised.
  • To be tidier.
  • Decorate the house.
  • Eat more healthily and walk more.
  • Take more photographs.
  • Grow both businesses.

I have just tiled the kitchen and bathroom, and although they are clearly not professional jobs, I am pretty pleased with the results, although while I was doing them there was a fair bit of yelling. The light bounces off the tiles making the rooms look brighter. There is more work required to get both rooms finished – painting the walls, fit a windowsill in the kitchen and a shelf at the back of the bath, re-seal the slate floor in the kitchen and a general spring clean of the bathroom, oh and I need a new linen basket and a small storage unit in the kitchen.

Of course, the goalposts will move as the year progresses, but at least I have some things to aim for, particularly in terms of earning a living. So onwards I treck into 2014 with some idea of the direction I am heading in. Trouble is, I am not terribly good at following directions!

All that remains for now, is to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!