Things appear to be looking up.

Over the last week or so, spring has been making a tentative and fleeting appearance, bringing sunshine, a lack of rain and slightly milder temperatures. There are carpets of snowdrops in the park, the birdsong is more insistent and we have daylight until about 5.30pm. It is definitely heading in the right direction.

This has, so far, been a good news week. On Monday I received a job offer, and my gas and electricity bill is so much in credit that I am getting a refund. Some of the money will be spent on labels for new products, and the rest will be spent on, well, me. I deserve a treat. I have no idea what I am going to treat myself to though but I hope it will be something completely frivolous and unnecessary. Does that sound terribly naughty? It has been so long since I have been able to treat myself to something, I am not sure if I care if it is naughty or not.

The downside of the new job is that I don’t have anything to wear and I hate buying clothes. The last two jobs I have had have been jeans and t-shirt type places, and although I don’t need to be suited and booted, I still need to dress smartly. Poking about in the wardrobe yesterday, I realised that I only own one pair of smart trousers and those are a little bit tight, I have had them so long. I have been on the internet and there are a pair of trousers on sale at my favourite shop so I will send for them and hope they fit.

The upshot of all this, is that I have to unpack my brain and brush off the cobwebs, the dog will have to learn to live without me for a couple of days a week, and I will have to get organised and remember to sort out a “picnic” to take to work with me. The things we do to pay a mortgage!