Summer seems to have done what summer in this country does best – vanished. Although it is not cold, the skies are like molten pewter and heavy with rain. It has curtailed the cats enjoyment of the outdoors somewhat. Their little faces make it quite clear what they think of this weeks almost permanent precipitation. Unfortunately for me, no amount of explaining that I can’t do anything about the weather helps, and I am sure they think it is all my fault.

My poor little Fidget cat is unwell and has had to have a little operation. I had to rush him to the vet yesterday (typical for him to be ill on the bank holiday weekend). He has done well overnight, and although I may have to leave him there until tomorrow, there is a chance I can collect him this afternoon. I have everything crossed that I can. Interestingly, it does not seem as though any of the other cats have even noticed he is missing.

I have been sorting out the kitchen cupboards, yes, I know, I lead such an exciting life, but I need to try to clear things off the work surfaces. When I had the kitchen installed, the idea was to have a few things (kettle, toaster etc) out on the work surface, but everything else secreted away in the cupboards. I wanted a nice kitchen, a stylish kitchen but instead, although I love the cupboards and the granite tops, there is “stuff” everywhere and I want it put away. I tiled the walls at Christmas, and I need to paint the walls, reseal the floor and get a windowsill, but it is at least heading in the right direction. Slowly.

The house continues to depress me, but I don’t have any enthusiasm to do anything with it. It is a vicious circle which I need to find a way of breaking free of. I have said this before, but each room’s issues has a knock on effect to another, this in its turn affects my muddled brain or at least makes me muddled. Although I like the feeling of having some privacy (I could not for example bear to have no walls around the house, and the feeling that people could see in) I have always been affected by the feeling of being surrounded. I know that this sounds like a contradiction, so let me try to explain.

When I am in an office, I have to be able to see the desk. I can’t stand the desk covered with paper, and even if it means having a huge pile of paper to work through, it is infinitely preferable to having lots of small stacks all over the place. I love open spaces and rooms with high ceilings, I hate low ceilings and pokey spaces. In short, I need a feeling of space. My house is very small and I am not the tidiest of people, consequently there are times when I have “stuff” everywhere. The saying a “place for everything and everything in its place” is so apt and I don’t have a place for everything. With a little cash that I don’t have, I could get storage sorted upstairs, which would free up some space elsewhere. I know what needs to be done, I just can’t do it which adds to the frustration.

So, that is my Bank Holiday weekend, sick cats and cupboard sorting. Oh the joys!