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I walked home along the boardwalk under a quicksilver sky, the light perfect, the air heavy with humidity. The flat expanse of sand stretching to the sea was peppered with people walking their dogs, and a tug boat guided a tanker in to port. Across the river, Moel Famau and the Clwydian Range were visible, with Snowdonia a ghostly presence behind and to the right.

It has been strange weather all week with rain and bright sunshine, as though it is unable to make up its mind. We are in June and have had but glimpses of summer. Still I have not given up hope of being able to sit out and enjoy some sunshine. This is my favourite time of year. Birds sing with an unrestrained joy, flowers finally burst into bloom revelling in the higher temperatures, days are longer and skies a clear blue with a few wispy white clouds. My climbing rose now has flowers, pale apricot pink and beautifully scented.

More of life is spent outdoors, not cooped up inside. Just to be able to have the doors and windows open and to be able to enjoy the lovely fresh air is fabulous. I even like going to a walk! The days are longer, and as the cool of the evening falls I sit in the garden with a cup of coffee and just breathe in the stillness.

It is about the only time I have a few moments of peace. The rest of my life seems to be taken up juggling balls. I am either out walking dogs or feeding cats, making soap and body products, at the day job or being pestered by my dog or cats. Peace does not enter into it.

Money aside, I enjoy being pretty much out of the rat race. I am not entirely sure I am cut out to work full time for others. I don’t mind working hard, but wouldn’t it be so much nicer to get the benefits yourself instead of someone else benefiting from your blood, sweat and tears? Working for yourself gives you a freedom not possible when you are work for someone and you are not at the beck and call of someone else. For all the uncertainty, I am enjoying things at the moment, and I hope that lasts.