If you have a good memory, you may recall that quite some time ago, I announced my decision to try growing vegetables in a raised vegetable planter. For various reasons, life being one of them, nothing happened.

Fast forward, and I have finally put the plan into action. A few days ago I order some organic vegetable seeds: Aubergine, Leek, Pea, Dwarf Bean, Kohl Rabi (my favourite), Turnip and Tomato – and they arrived yesterday.  This morning, I bought some large buckets and compost and have made a start.bucketA bucket may seem like an odd thing to choose to plant into , but they are large and incredibly strong and I should be able to move them about if I need more or less sunshine hitting the vegetables.

I used a corkscrew to make holes in the base to allow for drainage, then filled the bucket with multi-purpose compost, popped in some seeds and watered. The first seeds to be planted were the Aubergine, and I think I may be taking a risk with these. They are suitable for growing in a covered, unheated environment and I am trying to grow these outside, but then the whole thing is an experiment, so why not?

I am not the most green fingered person in the world, but I come from a gardening and vegetable growing family, so I am hoping that some of that has rubbed off. I am going to take the tomato seeds to Mum’s and start them off in her greenhouse, but the Leeks, Turnips, Peas need to go in about now. Then in April I will put in the Kohl Rabi and in  May I will sew the Beans.

I am quite excited about the experiment (is that sad), and I would be happy to get something to harvest, if not be able to feed myself from the garden.