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The peas are continuing to do well. In fact, they are positively thriving. It won’t be long before I have to build them a wigwam as support.

PeasThere is sign of life in the leeks – just, and the Elephant garlic is doing fabulously.

Elephant Garlic

I am going to go tomorrow to get a couple more buckets and plant the kholrabi and cauliflower, but it will be a little while before the rest of the seeds can go in. I cheated slightly and bought a tomato plant. It is starting to get a bit leggy so probably needs a bigger pot.

The weather has taken a turn cooler, and this week we have had pretty much every weather condition known to man – sun, wind, rain, sleet and in parts of the country there has been snow. It is hard to think that it is now May and summer is supposed to be around the corner.

Back soon!