The Three QueensLiverpool is a maritime city. Perfectly sited for the Americas, built on trade and commerce and home to the White Star Line (Titanic, Olympic and Lusitania), the city is famed for its maritime connections.

175 years ago, the Cunard Line was started, initially to deliver mail across the Atlantic, but then transporting passengers emigrating to look for a better life in the new world.

Although the company is no longer based in the city, to celebrate the 175th Cunard Anniversary, the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria and the Queen Elizabeth met in the Mersey and sailed in formation into the city where they performed a series of manoeuvres near the Cunard Building.

On a freezing morning, thousands of people lined the banks of the river to watch as the Victoria and Elizabeth sailed into the estuary to meet the Mary who had sailed from the city to meet them.

Queen Mary 2

It was a spectacular site. They were so close to the banks of the river, you felt like you could touch them. This was certainly a fitting celebration not just for the Cunard Line but for the city.